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Moonbeams melting
Into my blood stream
In winter
The snow protected us
Covering our pain

Now I hear ice cracking
Slowly in my brain
My heart is ruminating your sweet words
While my hand’s strangling the birds

People are planets
Their souls are suns
Orbiting the dance floor
Of our cosmic club

Storm clouds were raining
But now they’re gone
My spirit appears like the sun at dawn

Moonbeams spreading their wings
Shining my rings
I got from my three husbands
Who all made me housebound

My heart is ruminating your sweet words
While my hands are skinning the birds.
Spring is here again
Your heartbeat is calling me

YOKO ONO – Vocals
Yuko Araki – Drums
Sean Ono Lennon – Bass, Drum programming, Synth, Guitar
Bill Dobrow – Percussion
Christopher Sean Powell – Percussion
Keigo Oyamada – Kaoss Synth
Nels Cline – Electric Guitar
Hirotaka “Shimmy” Shimizu – Electric Guitar
Yuka C. Honda – Rhodes, Sampler

Words and Music by Yoko Ono
Copyright © 2013 Ono Music (BMI)

Produced by Yoko Ono, Sean Lennon, and Yuka C. Honda
Recorded at Sear Sound by Christopher Allen
Mixed by Michael H. Brauer for MHB prods
Mixed at Electric Lady Studios
Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Gateway Mastering
Kevin Harper – Assistant Engineer
Mark Bengston – ProTools Engineer and Assistant

Geoff Thorpe – Art Director
Greg Kadel – Cover Photography
P.J. van Sandwijk – Studio photos
Sean Lennon – Studio photos
Yoko Ono – Drawings



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Available September 17th
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The album continues an astonishing bout of creativity for Ono, who celebrated her 80th birthday this year and has just curated the hugely succesful Meltdown Festival at Southbank, London.

“An extraordinary performance by any standard – for a woman in her ninth decade, almost unbelievable”
Evening Standard, June 2013

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The truly amazing YOKO ONO releases her brand new album TAKE ME TO THE LAND OF HELL on Chimera Music on Sep 17th.

The album comes four years after her previous studio album BETWEEN MY HEAD AND THE SKY which received rave reviews and was voted one of Mojo Magazine’s Albums Of the Year. That same year Ono was awarded both the Lifetime Achievement Award by Mojo and The Venice Biennale Golden Lion Award for her ground-breaking music and art.

TAKE ME TO THE LAND OF HELL was recorded in New York and was produced by Yoko Ono, Sean Lennon and Yuka Honda.

YOKO ONO PLASTIC ONO BAND also includes members of Cornelius and Cibo Matto, plus – for this album – tUnEyArDs, Questlove, Nels Cline and Andrew Wyatt.

The album includes remixes by Mike D & Adrock and Keigo “Cornelius” Oyamada.

The record was planned and made during a hugely productive period which saw Ono’s 2012 show TO THE LIGHT at London’s Serpentine Gallery break attendance records; she then went on to open HALF-A-WIND SHOW, a major retrospective in Frankfurt, finish her instruction book ACORN, travel extensively to oversee various museum shows, score her 10th No 1 hit HOLD ME on the Billboard Dance Chart, actively campaign against fracking in New York State, win the MTV O Music Award for ‘Digital Genius’ and – most recently – plan the Meltdown Festival at Southbank, London, which she curated.

Yoko’s curatorship is already being hailed as the best in the 20 year history of the festival which this year included a coruscating opening night performance by YOKO ONO PLASTIC ONO BAND, and guest appearances by Ono with Cibo Matto, Peaches, Kim Gordon and a closing night collaborative performance with Siouxsie of Ono’s seminal “Walking On Thin Ice”.

Meltdown 2013 featured a huge cross–section of artists including Savages, Kim Gordon, Siouxsie, Cibo Matto, Bo Ningen, Thurston Moore, Iggy Pop, Deerhoof, Patti Smith, Peaches, Marianne Faithfull, Boy George, Patrick Wolf, Reggie Watts, Viv Albertine, Alva Noto and Ryuichi Sakamoto, Pussy Riot and Immortal Technique.

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Praise for Yoko’s performance at Meltdown 2013:

“It’s a heck of a racket for a gal in her eighties – Yoko is the star but the music offers her the sky to shine in”
The Independent

“An international treasure shines. Ono has transcended age – she opened Meltdown 2013 with a blistering, thrilling, cutting-edge musical set which not so much pushed boundaries as ignored them”
Evening Standard

“Even at 80 Yoko is out on her Ono”  

“Octogenarian’s standing elevated to the angel of the avant garde”   
The Guardian

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MOONBEAMS, the staggering opening track of the new album, was recently previewed on Soundcloud, ahead of its live premiere as the opening song of Meltdown 2013.

Ono said today:

“My new album comes at a very special time for me. I’m so happy that it’s being released after all the incredible shows that made up Meltdown. The energy I have right now, and the desire to continue to make as much great work as I can, is really moving me forwards all the time. This album is the culmination of a lot of ideas I’ve been having over the last few years and I feel proud to release it at such an exciting time of my life.”

Yoko Ono has a major art retrospective HALF-A WIND SHOW currently on view at the Louisiana Museum in Copenhagen, later opening at Kunsthalle Krems, Austria on 20th November 2013, and another major art retrospective WAR IS OVER! (IF YOU WANT IT) opening on 15th November at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney.

TAKE ME TO THE LAND OF HELL is released on September 17th.

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